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Wedding Bouquets


Beautiful bride and bridesmaid bouquets incorporating succulent plants are our specialty, we can also create bouquets just with fresh flowers. We've done many in our local market and can now ship anywhere overnight. We also can make matching succulent corsages and boutonnieres.


Each bouquet is custom designed with your choice of colors and types of flowers. Flower choices depend upon seasonality, if certain flowers are unavailable, we reserve the right to make an appropriate substitution, keeping the integrity of design and color scheme. Please contact us with any inquiries and provide your phone number, so that we can get back to you,


Shipping: Please ask for overnight quote, we will be very happy to assist you. We need to know the date, time of event, city and postal code.


If you live in southern CA and are looking for a florist, we can take care of all your floral needs. Please visit our website www.FlowerYouBeautiful.com

If you have any questions please contact Suzanne at 619-962-4987 [email protected]



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