Succulent Living Wreath Large Premium Hand Made All Natural

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Wreaths will be shipped in mid-November for pre-Thanksgiving arrival.

Large Living Succulent Wreath

Incredible variety of colors and textures in this oversized wreath! Perfect for a Holiday Gift, Centerpiece, Home decoration. Order now will be ready to ship for Thanksgiving Holiday. Please let us know if you prefer a later shipping date.

They are handmade beautifes using a moss wreath base that is three inches wider than our standard (and widely loved!) wreath. Thus, they have an outer diameter of about 12-13 inches -- but -- due to the overall increase in dimensions, they contain almost three times as many plants.

The Large Living Succulent Wreath contains about 150+ living succulent plants rooted in a moss-filled base. The exotic mix of plants provides a dramatic multi-colored and multi-textured appearance. 

We have offered the Living Succulent Wreath for many years and received hundreds of "thank you" notes from customers and recipients.

Thank you for your business! We are family owned and have been in business for almost two decades years. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional, unusual and beautiful variety of plants.