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Design and plant a even larger succulent garden with our Succulent Rosette UPGRADE Designer Mix! These beautiful plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures similar to those shown.

Each UPGRADE Mix consists of 15 different rosette succulent plants, mostly echeveria plants, similar to those shown in the photos. You receive at least 3 large rosette (5+ inch, which makes a great centerpiece), 7 medium rosettes (3+ inches) and 5 small rosettes (2 inches)

We created this special mix for planting -- some may ship bareroot. Use your creativity to plant them in the ground, flower boxes, containers.

As they grow and mature, the succulents will spread to create a "carpet" of colors and contrasts!

These succulents like filtered bright light, medium water and moderate temperatures. They are hardy and will grow in a multitude of environments, but cannot tolerate freezing.


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