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Succulent Design Studio Bohemian Head Band

These heads bands are ideal for a wedding, birthday, music festival or as a gift. They've strolled the grounds of Cochella, tripped through Beverly Hills and graced many weddings and special events.

Each head band is custom made, with silky ribbon and fresh succulents. They have a few additional accents of tiny flowers. These are custom made, please allow us 8 days to make your order. (You can pre-order in advance of an event and we will ship at the appropriate time.)

Each head band is similar in size and shape to the one pictured. The plant mix will vary slightly due to availability. We only ship high quality, healthy plants, personally inspected prior to packing. 

It’s important to remember that plants are living things and they are not perfect, nor is any living thing, minor imperfections or weathering are normal.

We include plant care instructions with your shipment and they can also be found on our website. With proper care, you can expect your head band to last 2-4 weeks.

Order Processing: Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be processed and shipped in approximately 7-8 days. If you want us to postpone shipping for a future date, just make a notation with your payment. If you need a rush order, please text us at +1 858 382 7448.

Thank you for your business! We are family owned and have been in business almost two decades. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional, unusual and beautiful variety of plants.



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