Landscape Ideas

Outdoor Plants and Landscaping

Cactus and succulent plants make outstanding low maintenance, low water landscapes. Using different sizes, shapes and colors of succulent and cactus plants you can create a beautiful landscape.

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Large agave americanus variagata has a huge yellow strips. They make a stunning landscape feature. Will also grow well in a large container. Shown in the background are large grusonii golden barrel plants. click



The central plant in this photo is an agave attenata, a soft-leaved agave that clumps. In the foreground are aeonium rosettes. click


You can plant many smaller, less distinguished plants around a central large plant, such as this large, blue-leaved agave. click


The reddish-orange plants in the containers are euphorbia tirucali "firesticks". We have them in several sizes, the brighter the sun, the more orange they turn. (Note: in filtered light, they may note attain this degree of color.) click


Aeonium sunburst in the foreground, aloe spinosissima in the back. Note the decorative rocks and painted walls. click