Pachycereus Marginatus Cactus Plant

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Pachycereus Marginatus Mexican Fence Post, Organ Pipe Cactus 

We have a few specimens of this fine column cactus, about 15+ inches tall with nice thick trunks. These are very popular plants and look just as nice in a container in loft as they do in a landscape. Allow up to 10 days for us to dig them. Green, succulent, columnar stem with sharped spines covered at the edge of stem. It can grows up to 4ft.-20ft.(1.2-6m) in height. It prefers temperature over 45 F.  The flowers are small can be pink, white or yellow in color. Let the soil dry out completely,watering every 3 or 4 weeks,misting is not necessary. PRICE IS FOR A SINGLE COLUMN, although multiple plants are shown in the photo.


The genus Pachycereus contains some of the largest growing cacti of all. One species is reported to reach a height of 82 feet (25m) in height! Although not all species are quite that large, all of them are columnar and feature tree-like or shrubby growth with relatively large branches.

Stems are ribbed and may be either a blue-green or bright green color.
Flowers are are small tubes or funnels up to 4 inches long. The floral tubes feature scales and may be bare, fuzzy, or spiney. Fruits are dehiscent and fleshy.

Two species, P. pringlei and P. marginatus are extremely common in cultivation. The former is a native of Baja California and is often confused with the well-known "Saguaro", while the later is grown in Mexico in tight lines as a "living fence". Perhaps 2 or 3 other species are found in a limited number among collectors or grown in yards near their native habitat. However, the remaining species are almost non-existent in cultivation.

In Mexico and nearby Central America where all species are found, there are entire forests of Pachycereus. Yet, it seems there is very little interest in these plants are cactus lovers who visit these areas, seem to ignore the towering giants in search of the small globose species which hide themselves among the rocks.


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