P r e m i u m  C a c t u s  a n d  S u c c u l e n t  P l a n t s
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These are smaller versions of our most popular column cactus, the Pachycereus Marginatus Mexican Fence Post. Each 4-inch diameter pot contains three (or more) plants, each about 3-6 inches tall. They can grow 6-10 inches per year. These are very popular plants and look just as nice in a container as they do in a landscape. Green, succulent, columnar stem with sharped spines covered at the edge of stem. Over time (a long time!) each can grow up to 20 ft. in height. Prefers temperatures over 45 F. The flowers are small can be pink, white or yellow in color. Let the soil dry out completely, watering every 3 or 4 weeks.

Marginatus is extremely common in cultivation. It is a native of Baja California and is often grown in Mexico in tight lines as a "living fence". 

In Mexico and Central America where these are found, there are entire forests of Pachycereus. 



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