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Orchid plants produce some of the most amazing flowers in the world. Becuase of this they are highly valued.

Only a few remaining! One of our specialty growers has developed a passion for orchids and has allocated a few of his precious Cattleya orchids to us. Each oversized single plant comes in a 5 inch growers pot (as shown in photo -- they are not in flower). Their roots fully fill the pot and can likely be separated to create several plants when you repot (which should be fairly soon!). Cattleyas like bright sunlight and should be watered when just about dry (don't keep moist).

Orchids make wonderful houseplants, they require fairly warm, humid conditions and filtered bright light. They can be grown in a variety of soil mixes, including various types of bark.

All of the photos shown in this listing are from amongst those you will be purchasing -- however -- due to the nature of this sale we cannot guarantee which flower the plant you receive will eventually have. The plant you will receive will likely have buds, which should flower in the coming weeks in the proper environment.

This type of orchid usually sells for much more than our listing (we've seen them elsewhere for $50-$60) -- so -- this is a great opportunity to try one out if you've been curious.


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