Neochilena Huascensis Cactus Plant

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Neochilenia Huascensis Cactus

Neochilenia Huascensis grows in costal areas where very little else grows. It's a very drought tolerant species. Easy to grow but requires very well draining soil, good air circulation and little to no water in winter months. Produces a white flower.


Eriosyce is a group of mostly globose or somewhat cylindrical South American species. Their round ribbed stems, which in most species are heavily armed with dense strong spines,. The two primary names still used today are Neoporteria and Neochilenia. However, modern growers distinguish them in this way: Neochilenia have short to no spines and funnel shaped flowers that enable the inner part of the flower to be clearly seen when fully open. The floral tubes of Neochilenia are hairy and these later form hollow, fleshy fruits. In contrast, species in the Neoporteria group have denser, longer spines in general than Neochilenia. The flowers are bright pink with yellow interiors and are more of a tube shape as the inner petals remain mostly closed. The outer petals flare out and thus, the flower is not truly a tube shape as other cactus genera, but even when fully open, the inner parts of the flowers are still obscured by petals. The floral tubes may have a little fuzz and form similar fruits to the Neochilenia group. 


Our cactus and succulent plants are all grown in the same conditions and, although not identical, are similar in size and shape to the one pictured. Plants are generally shown in 4-inch diameter pots. We only ship good quality and healthy plants, personally inspected prior to packing. Your plant will ship bare root (unpotted) unless otherwise requested or specified. We include Plant Care instructions with your shipment and they can also be found on our website.

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