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Ferocactus Pilosus

It is a rare species of barrel cactus known by several common names, including Ferocactus Stainesii, Mexican Fire Barrel and Viznaga de Lima. There are three plants in a single pot, 1-2 inches diameter, nicely rooted. They can be grown as a cluster, or individually potted at a later time.

It is native to Northern Mexico, where is can grow out of limestone cliffs, thus the name Mexican Lime Cactus or Viznaga de Lima. It has distinctive dense red spines, thus the name Mexican Fire Barrel.

It will grow into a substantial barrel shape several feet tall, with distinctive red appearance due to the spine coloration. 

They have a wide tolerance for temperatures and are rated down into the 20 degree range. They grow in full sun. They produce a yellow-red fruit.

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