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Outstanding Euphorbia Column Euphorbia Ammak Cutting

This column is pale yellow with slight green variagation and new growth leaves at the top. You will receive one column cutting about 20+ inches tall. It is an unrooted cutting, place in dry soil and keep dry for 3-4 weeks, roots will sprout and the plant will start growing. Once established, you can expect 6-12 inches of annual growth.

Euphorbia is one of the largest and most diverse genera in the plant kingdom. All Euphorbias have a white sap that can irritate skin, please use gloves when handling these plants.

This cutting is similar in size and shape to the one pictured.

We only ship high quality, healthy plants, personally inspected prior to packing. This is an oversized delicate plant that ships best bareroot.

It’s important to remember that plants are living things and they are not perfect, nor is any living thing, minor imperfections or weathering are normal.

We include plant care instructions with your shipment and they can also be found on our website.

Order Processing: Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be processed and shipped within 3-5 business days. If you want us to postpone shipping for a future date, just make a notation with your payment.

Shipping: Our system automatically consolidates shipping when you purchase more than one plant. We ship our plant year-round via USPS or FedEx Ground, depending upon the nature of the order. Large orders containing many plants may ship in multiple cartons and may ship on different days. We may delay shipping in severe weather. Please read our weather risk policy.

Gifts: You can send almost any plant as gift, the option is on our website. When this option is chosen we will gift wrap and include your message with a card. Please double check the recipient’s name and address!

Thank you for your business! We are family owned and have been in business almost two decades. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional, unusual and beautiful variety of plants.




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