Copiapoa Montana Cactus Plant

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Copiapoa Montana Cactus

The Copiapoa Montana is native to Chile. It is characterized by a warm bronze skin tone (in sunlight, they can turn green in shade). They have fine spines and white fluffy aereola. 


Copiapoa is a favorite genus among many cactus growers. In common with each other, Copiapoa species are globose or globose-cylindrical plants that have well-defined ribs and a wooly apex which gives rise to nearly all yellow flowers. These flowers are funnel shaped, mostly between 1 and 2 inches in diameter. In the wild the genus is restricted to Northern Chile. There they are found primarily in the Atacama desert where annual rainfall is barely measurable. The plants in habitat get their moisture from coastal fogs


Our cactus and succulent plants are all grown in the same conditions and, although not identical, are similar in size and shape to the one pictured. Plants are generally shown in 4-inch diameter pots. We only ship good quality and healthy plants, personally inspected prior to packing. Your plant will ship bare root (unpotted) unless otherwise requested or specified. We include Plant Care instructions with your shipment and they can also be found on our website.

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