Adenia Spinosa Large Collector Succulent Plant

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Adenia Spinosa is native to Madagascar and similar areas, it is an attractive vine-like plant with a large base caudex. Grows robustly in the summer months (water when there are leaves), can drop all leaves in the winter (stop watering when leaves are gone). Leaves like sun, the plant can tolerate a broad range of environments but the caudex can burn if exposed to too much sun. Prefers acidic soil, hot and dry environments.

These are true collector's plants, they are seed grown and have extra large caudex -- about 5-7+ inches diameter. The leaves and stems are about 15 inches tall (be aware that these may die off in winter, more will grow back.)

Adenia Spinosa can grow a base that is up to one meter wide with vine that can run for several meters. Trim the vines to keep the plant looking neat and from over-running your other plants. It has an attractive green trunk, the color stops just an inch or so above the soil.