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Mini Christmas Cactus in Clay Pots


The are adorable and will be a highlight at your event or gathering! A small blooming Christmas Cactus in a terra cotta clay pot -- perfect for a table decoration.

Sold in quantities of 10 -- and supply is limited to we encourage you to order early, we will be glad to hold your order and ship at a later date.

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Handmade Living Succulent Wreath Centerpieces make an incredible holiday gift

Our beautiful, handmade all-natural living succulent wreath centerpieces are back for their 15th year! These beautiful wreaths have graced thousands of holiday tables and made memorable decorations and gifts.Two sizes are now available. We will gladly hold orders and ship on your desired date, just let us know on your order.Our Classic Wreath is about [...]

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Crown of Thorns Back in Stock

We have a new crop of Crown of Thorns -- very popular and they always sell out. Limited availability.In 4-inch pots, about 6-8 inches tall, multiple stems per pot, shipped potted. These are eash care and very colorful when in flower.Check them out!

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Caribbean Cactus Tree

The opuntia consolea is a unique-looking opuntia. It has minimal spines and grows into a tree shape, with a woody trunk and tuft of paddles on top. Sometimes known as the Caribbean Cactus Tree for this reason. These plants have a beautiful dark green coloration. Like may opuntia, they can tolerate fairly extreme environments.See it here

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Brighamia Insignis Volcano Palm Back for a Limited Time!

Brighamia Insignis SucculentWe rarely have this plant available. It is native to Hawaii, but becoming extinct in natural habitat due to declines in pollinating moths. It is kept alive in greenhouses around the world by a community of interested botanists. Sometimes called the Volcano Palm. These are seed grown, beautiful, well-rooted specimens about 10-12+ inches [...]

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New Echeverias Added

We've added several new echeveria varieties recently.Check out the Lime and Chili, Minima and Black Prince. PLUS -- Tear Drop back in stock!Each uniquely exquisite!

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Orchids on sale

Are you orchid curious? Here is a chance to obtain a beautiful plant at a below-market price.One of our specialty growers has developed a passion for orchids and has allocated a few to us. Each oversized single plant comes in a 5 inch growers pot (they are not in flower, although our photos were [...]

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Blue Frills Smaller Size

We now have the popular Echeveria Blue Frills available in a smaller size. Grown in 4 inch pots, the plants are about 4 inches diameter and poised for Spring and Summer growth!See them

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Succulent Rosette Designer Mix

If you've been wanting to plant a succulent garden or container garden -- these for you!Two mixes to choose from -- 6 beautiful rosette succulent plants in 3-5 inch sizes or the Upgrade Mix with 15 plants for only $29.95. Shipped bareroot for Summer planting.As they grow these beautiful rosettes will mature into a colorful [...]

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